Tool Repairs with Womack Tool Sales & Service

Maintaining your tools in peak operating condition is paramount to your success.  Job downtime costs drain your profits.  You can count on Womack Tool Sales & Service to provide you with fast, reliable repair services for multiple leading manufacturer product lines.  Our extensive, in house parts inventory, ensures minimal downtime and loss of job site productivity.

17 Locations

We have 17 convenient drop off locations across North Carolina and Virginia

Quick and Hassle Free

Quick and hassle free - bring the tool and we'll take care of the rest.

Affordable Assesment Fee

Small tool assessment fee is $25


Large tool assessment fee is $100

Waived Fees

Assessment fees are waived if tool is repaired.

Call Before Repair

We'll contact you with cost of repair before repairing your tools unless otherwise noted.

Large Bulk Repairs

We handle large bulk tool repairs as well. Contact us at or call 1-844-9WTOOLS.


Click on a location below to get directions and contact information.