5-3/8" 50T Non-Ferrous Metal Blade

MIL 48-40-4075
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  • Dry - No lubricant required, saving time and money with less mess
  • Cool - No extreme heat buildup preserves blade life and allows handling the work piece immediately
  • Clean - No burrs eliminates secondary operations saving time and money


Diameter 5.35-3/8"
Arbor Size 20mm
Number of Teeth 50
Hook Angle
Kerf Thickness .063"
Tooth Grind ATB
Application Non-Ferrous Metal


Milwaukee metal circular saw blades were specifically designed to exceed the expectations of contractors for blade life, cut quality, and speed in the most demanding metal cutting applications – without a lubricant. A hand-tensioned, hardened alloy steel body extends blade life and delivers the highest quality cuts available. Carbide tipped teeth with Alternate Top Bevel grind shear through metal leaving burr-free, cool-to-touch cuts.

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